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VIZEdi™ is a 24/7 digital D&I coach that quickly helps you confidently communicate more inclusively while you work. Private and secure, D&I transformation is fast, tangible, and easy to measure. 

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Get real-time suggestions


VIZEdi™ can help you write more inclusively. As you type, it provides real-time feedback by highlighting any problematic terms and suggesting alternative options. Plus, it’s a great way to privately learn and expand your knowledge on your own terms.

See your improvements over time


Learn about opportunities for improving on inclusive language and track your progress overtime.  Feel good and confident about how you communicate.

Personal Insights


Go beyond inclusive language and unlock more inclusive engagements. Learn how to interact and engage with colleagues more inclusively. 

Real Customer Feedback


reported an increased awareness of their communication styles and the use of inclusive and non-inclusive language.


stated that they felt more comfortable using VIZEdi as a tool for self-reflection and improvement, as opposed to traditional public training sessions.


 feel that they are actively building an inclusive library of language and communication practices through their use of VIZEdi

Tangible Results

Within 60 days inclusive terms used versus problematic terms used increased by


Within 60 days problematic term use per total word count decreased by


Within 60 days problematic messages per total messages decreased by


Why VIZEdi™

VIZEdi™ is the fastest and most cost-effective resource to impact and measure workplace inclusivity. Unlike traditional training programs, we provide a hands-on approach that meets people where they’re DEI knowledge and communication skills are at. Our personalized guidance is integrated into the workflow, allowing for improvement while working. Each user can enhance their understanding of diversity, equity, and inclusion and make a real difference in creating a more inclusive workplace.

Tangible ROI

VIZEdi™ is a solution that delivers tangible ROI on Diversity and Inclusion initiatives.

Quick and Easy Setup

VIZEdi™ is “getting started friendly”.

Whether you’re a small team or a large enterprise, VIZEdi™ has a variety of products to help you get started easily with minimal to no required help from your IT.


Fast and Measureable Results

Start seeing results fast. Traditional DE&I methods can take awhile to start to see impactful change. Our customers start seeing changed behavior within the first 60 to 90 days.

Private and Secure

Users receive private and targeted support that addresses their specific growth opportunities. 

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