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How CEOs Can Win the Fight and Transform to Win the Future

By Daniel KüpperTom ReichertMarin GjajaVaishali Rastogi, and Ryoji Kimura

As countries lift lockdowns and companies ramp up operations, CEOs face an unprecedented challenge. Across the full scope of their company, they must manage two efforts on different time horizons: competing in the prevaccine pandemic environment over the next 12 to 24 months and repositioning their company to thrive in the postpandemic world. In other words, they must win the fight and transform to win the future. To succeed, CEOs should focus on five priorities now.

AI Stats News: 34% Of Employees Expect Their Jobs To Be Automated In 3 Years

Gil Press 

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Recent surveys, studies, forecasts and other quantitative assessments of the progress and impact of AI highlight the precarious nature of the future of work (long after the coronavirus pandemic ends), the continuing mixed attitudes of consumers about data privacy, and the possible resilience of this year’s investments in AI.

Predictions 2021: Remote Work, Automation, And HR Tech Will Flourish


We don’t know how quickly machines will displace people’s jobs, or how many they’ll take, but we know it’s happening — not just to factory workers but also to money managersdermatologists and retail workers.

It’s Time to Re-educate Your Workforce

March 17, 2020

“The educational resources available today from learning portals like Coursera are simply amazing. Think of the entire curricula of MIT, Stanford, Carnegie Mellon, Harvard, etc. online and immediately available to your workforce.”

6 Must-Read Books for CEOs in the New Digital Age

February 28, 2020

CEOs and their leadership teams need to understand the technologies that are driving today’s digital transformation in far more detail than was required of them in the past. Why is that? In contrast to previous waves of technology adoption, digital transformation goes to the very core of how organizations operate and what they do.

Discovering the Value of a Collaborative Environment

October 3, 2019

Since I hadn’t previously worked in software engineering, I wasn’t sure what to expect when I accepted an internship on’s platform engineering team. But almost immediately after I started, whatever expectations I’d had were blown away. What transpired over the next 11 weeks was a foundational professional experience. I learned a variety of technical skills and soft skills and discovered some of the characteristics needed to succeed in a workplace.

Four Strategies to Take Action with AI

February 9, 2019

AI-enabled applications can transform an organization‚ but to create value‚ these applications must integrate into business processes and be intuitive for end users. Organizations often overlook the effort of operationalizing AI-enabled insights—

Work for a brighter future

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