The Vize Advantage

Visualize communication trends

“The way businesses and teams communicate internally has changed overnight. Digital communication through direct messaging services like Slack and Teams is accelerating and disrupting the way businesses traditionally communicate. Vize gives businesses an intelligence superpower by analyzing and making sense of their internal digital communication data so that businesses can leverage the data to rethink and improve business strategies. Operating with wild west internal digital communications without data intelligence will soon be like using the phone book instead of Google.”

Joel Pinel – CEO Vize Labs
What if you could just make it easier for people to work from anywhere?
It is possible for teams to work from anywhere and remain connected to their peers and their work. Vize shows you whether this happening or not and what areas of your organization need some help.
What if you knew whether your remote and/or hybrid teams were collaborating effectively?
Remote work has launched people into a world of unknowns and uncertainty. Know whether your teams are collaborating effectively at a glance with Vize’s unique network visualization.
What if you could understand how human behavior affects your KPIs and ROI?
When initiatives appear to be on track, aligned, and then fail – organizations wonder – why?

Vize is built so that leaders can truly understand the human nuances behind achieving KPIs and optimizing ROI.

In real-time Vize enables you to keep initiatives and projects on track preventing failures and derailments.

What if you could make human-behaviour informed choices in a compressed amount of time during your most critical moments?
Vize gives leaders an advantage by adding back the missing link of human-behavior to their data and decisions.

Organizations that have access to real-time Vize insights are at a greater advantage with the ability to make human-informed decisions despite rapidly changing conditions and uncertainty.

What if you could identify and optimize talent, enhance high performing teams and strengthen leadership?
Vize enables you to identify influencers, connect individuals, champion inclusion, and develop strong networks for effective team communication strategies.
What if you could passively and accurately measure engagement and organizational well-being for a better employee experience?
When team and leader awareness start to break down it can lead to massive shifts in employee experience, comfort, connectivity, safety, progression, and productivity.

Vize gives you accurate insight into these things from data that you already have so you don’t have to worry about surveys or doing anything proactively.

What if you could identify opportunities, silos, and trends from team communication?
Not knowing what is going on can make it next to impossible to inform fast decisions necessary to keep up.

Vize identifies opportunities, silos, and trends in real-time allowing you to pivot fast.

Linking human connection to the bottom line

Vize solves an organizational problem never solved before.

We link revenue, efficiency, and productivity to the inherent functionality of human connection.

Map your project, quarterly or annual KPIs to the degree of connectivity in your organization.


Based on your industry and business model, discover the links to your benchmarking:

Revenue – X Multiplier

Efficiency – % margin improvement

Productivity – % output gains

Our commitment to responsible & governed tech

With powerful tools comes the responsibility for powerful governance and ethics.

At Vize we are committed to governed and responsible AI.

Our team works closely with industry leaders in privacy and security governance and compliance and tech ethics to adopt best practices that are at the forefront of ethical technology development.


How can Vize improve your digital workplace?

Better insights. Better outcomes.

Teamwork and

Understand your collaborative workspace. Connect individuals and develop strong networks and strategies for effective team communication

Leaders, learners
and influencers

Identify and optimize talent, enhance high performing teams, and strengthen leadership


Measure engagement and organizational well being for better employee retention strategies

Organizational awareness

Identify opportunities, silos, and trends from team communication