HR D&I Training

Promote a collaborative, supportive, and creative work environment through inclusion.

› Build connection and inspire inclusive culture

Did you know employees who feel included in their team are more likely to be innovative and productive, and are less likely to leave their job? Prioritize inclusive communication, create a positive and productive work environment, and watch connections grow. 

› Insights in real-time and over time

VIZEdi™ analyzes your written communication in real-time and over time to ensure you communicate inclusively. Get nudges that help you choose more inclusive language and learn about problematic terms as you go.  

› Personalized and private

VIZEdi™ ensures everyone learns privately and at their own pace based on their own needs and opportunity for improvement.  Collectively teams grow stronger communication skills for increased engagement and more innovative teamwork.

› Customizable inclusive library for clarity and consistency

Customize your library of inclusive terms so you can be confident your entire team uses inclusive language for every audience.