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Go beyond the survey. Drive change through next-level employee experience data for quicker, unsolicited feedback at scale.

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Explore Vize’s Sentiment and Experience tools to help drive a better customer experience, better marketing, and better employee experience.

Facebook and Twitter Sentiment 

 Learn how people react to your content marketing and master how to speak to your target audience.  Get real-time sentiment analysis on your target audience comments for authentic feedback at scale.

Employee and Team Sentiment 

Make a real impact. Learn how your initiatives affect employee sentiment at the team and company level to drive happiness, nurture culture and create real change.

You’ve got great ideas and projects on the horizon.

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How can Vize improve your digital workplace?

Better insights. Better outcomes.

Teamwork and

Understand your collaborative workspace. Connect individuals and develop strong networks and strategies for effective team communication

Leaders, learners
and influencers

Identify and optimize talent, enhance high performing teams, and strengthen leadership


Measure engagement and organizational well being for better employee retention strategies

Organizational awareness

Identify opportunities, silos, and trends from team communication