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“The way businesses and teams communicate internally has changed overnight. Digital communication through direct messaging services like Slack and Teams is accelerating and disrupting the way businesses traditionally communicate. Vize gives businesses an intelligence superpower by analyzing and making sense of their internal digital communication data so that businesses can leverage the data to rethink and improve business strategies. Operating with wild west internal digital communications without data intelligence will soon be like using the phone book instead of Google.”

Joel Pinel – CEO Vize Labs
What is Vize?

The qualitative advantage

Start operating with full clarity.

Unknowns, uncertainty & the missing link

Is this missing link preventing your organization from excelling?


Remote work has launched people into a world of unknowns and uncertainty.

Organizations are relying more and more on digital tools such as CRMs and Project Management Software to stay on top of their projects and KPIs in their new remote workplace. While these are great for quantifying customer and lead interactions and planning and managing resources they lack the qualitative missing link that lays the groundwork for the very thing we are trying to quantify.



Vize gives leaders an advantage by adding
back the qualitative missing link to their
data and decisions.

Organizations that have access to real-time QUALITATIVE insights are at a greater advantage with the ability to make informed decisions despite rapidly changing conditions and uncertainty.

Qualitative insights

What are they and how can they inform decisions?

How do you know your remote teams are OK, taken care of, progressing, performing, collaborating, and excelling in their careers so that your organization is thriving?

Have you created a safe and productive place for your organization to thrive remotely?

When team and leader awareness starts to break down it can lead to massive shifts in employee experience, comfort, connectivity, safety, progression, and productivity and can make it next to impossible to inform fast decisions
necessary to keep up.


Vize gives leaders an advantage by pulling and visualizing data in a way that can inform decisions for better outcomes.


  • Teamwork and collaboration

    Understand your collaborative workspace. Connect individuals and develop strong networks and strategies for effective team communication

  • Sentiment

    Measure engagement and organizational well being for better employee retention strategies

  • Leaders, learners
    and influencers

    Identify and optimize talent, enhance high performing teams, and strengthen leadership

  • Organizational awareness

    Identify opportunities, silos, and trends from team communication

Where to apply
qualitative insights?


This is where the missing link – Qualitative insight – shines.

Are you aware of and understand the human nuances behind what it took to hit your quantitative KPI?

Take the simple KPI example of hitting a deadline. According to your CRM and project management tools, the project was a success because it was fulfilled on time.

But what these tools don’t tell you is that the Six people assigned to this project unofficially snowballed to nine people in order to hit this deadline.

What does this mean for your organization?

Is there an associated cost that you are not capturing? Is there training required so that the original six could do it
themselves or perhaps there are operational redundancies
preventing them from doing it on their own.

None of these issues can be discovered and addressed without knowing the qualititative human nuances of everyday
work associated with your KPIs.

Vize is built so that leaders can truly understand the human nuances behind what it takes to achieve quantitative KPIs so that you can make choices in a compressed amount of time during your most critical moments.


Seamlessly, conveniently and securely

NOT part of the problem, part of the solution.

Vize is built on the premise of ensuring organizations and their people are protected and thriving in their remote workplace while leading with the convenience and accuracy of their own data. Vize enables organizations to make quick insightful choices, affirm best practices, and chart the impact of changing circumstances, events, and decisions.

Where is the data pulled from?

We have developed a proprietary AI that seamlessly integrates into your collaboration tools such as Slack or Microsoft Teams. The AI is built to securely digest deep layers of your everyday communication data and convert it into high-level and meaningful insights.


How can deep and
meaningful analytics still be high-level enough to protect the privacy of your teams?

Privacy protection is baked right into the way our AI processes data. It sifts through detailed data and converts it into meaningful insights while scrubbing out actual messages allowing for objective analytics. Objective accurate analytics is key to creating an inherent digital safe space for your remote teams.

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