We help leaders solve problems

There is value in your data.

We help you discover it.

Our Mission

To help organizations achieve operational excellence by leveraging technology to provide organizational insights for healthier and well prepared leaders, teams and people.

Our Vision

Organizations that:


  • Are equipped and prepared to respond to cultural signals 

  • Lead with creativity and foresight through data-driven insights

  • Are enabled to develop future-oriented organizational strategies for better business and healthier people 

Our Values

  • We study connections to make organizations better – better for their people, stakeholders, customers and the world at large. Human connections are what collectively make up, create and sustain value in an organization. The health and dynamic of those connections are in direct correlation to the health and success of an organization.

  • We are transparent.

  • We believe inclusivity, diversity and a meaningful aligned contribution to an organizational outcome is the single most powerful connection today and in the future.

  • We are your partner. Together, we work to solve your problems.

  • Tech ethics and responsible governance is the backbone of everything we do.

Partnering for a great future.

We are passionate about our clients’ success. We strongly believe in partnering with our clients to
ensure successful and continued value from our products. We help our clients excel by partnering in
the success of these 4 areas.

Future of Work Readiness

Shape the future of work in you organization

Adapt to Change

Optimize talent, enhance high performing teams, and strengthen leadership

Organizational Awareness

Measure organizational effectiveness

Inclusion in Diversity

Strengthen through diverse perspectives